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Website Development

Developing websites can involve various technologies that are required to work in perfect harmony to produce a seamless experience.

We have learnt through experience that every business is unique in some way. Interaction design provides the tools necessary that will enhance your visitors experience on your website and provide a good feel for how your company operates.

Happy visitors find what they are looking for, easily interact with your business and be able to navigate your website with ease. Only by attention to the small details can you avoid the difference between how your website works and the way your customer anticipates how it will work.

Appearances are only part of the solution - usability and understandability are more important.

Interactions that are important:


Your visitors can only interact with the content they are aware of. If content is hidden or poorly located then there is no awareness. With the right code content can be shown when required and hidden when not needed, but still have a presence on the page.


CMS (Content Management System) which is a system that allow the owner to update the website whenever you want. If your products change often or you have a lot of content changes on your website then a Content Management System will be perfect for you. We have experience with various CMS systems including Wordpress which is a very popular content management system.


Selling your products online enables your business to reach a wider audience. E-commerce is becoming increasingly more popular in South Africa. E-commerce websites requires a special set of tools to maximise your return on investment. Kickstart Online have experience with Magento and WooCommerce from designing, setting-up on a secure server to the launch and maintenance of the site on the world wide web.


All websites developed by us will be responsive to various screen sizes. It basically means that the layout of the website will change to suit the format and size of the device that it is being viewed on. Having a responsive website has become the norm and a big MUST HAVE for search engines and your visitors experience on your site. Kickstart Online can also make non-responsive websites responsive.

Some brands we have had the pleasure to work with:

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