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Professional looking content makes your company just look that much better.

Website Content

Great looking content on your website will enhance your visitors' experience and the way your business is perceived. We spend a lot of time to make sure every image, video, graphic or copy that gets placed on your site will look as good as possible. The content on your website is what your visitors interact with and will keep them coming back.

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Now you can have great looking brochures or leaflets without the added cost of printing or running out of printed brochures at any time. We develop various types of brochures from interactive PDF brochures that can be e-mailed or downloaded to responsive HTML brochures that can be viewed on your website.


Good quality photographs of your company's products and services are essential for a proffesional image. We offer a professional photographic service from shooting packshots to photographing your business in action on location. A library of professional images of your products and services will become an invaluable tool in marketing your business.


Videos are a great way to explain or showcase your products and services to your visitors. Videos can be loaded onto your website and placed onto YouTube which maximises your exposure. Steps on using your products or how to videos can greatly enhance and retain your existing customer relationships.

Graphic Design

The graphic elements on your website - your logo, icons and design elements should enhance your visitor's experience in every possible way. All artwork including videos and photographs must all work together to provide your website visitor's with the information they need at the time. Good graphic design will enhance your user's experience.

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KickStart Online is a young agency with the background experience to keep you ahead of the game. Our focus is customized website development and online marketing solutions specifically developed for your business.

We look at driving conversions and creating customer focused websites that encompass the clients brand and what they stand for.

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